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Benefits to a Water Purification System….
The installation of a whole house water filtration system provides a higher quality of drinking water as compared to bottled water. A home water filtration system will remove unwanted chemicals and odors from your tap water. Considering the price of bottled water, you also will be saving money by drinking from the tap, and you won’t have to deal with recycling the plastic bottles. With a water filtration system for your home, you can extend the life of appliances like your dishwater by reducing the calcium level that builds up and clogs your machine. Call Lone Star Water Services today for your water purification needs.

Tip: Hard Water Stains….
The white stains you find on your glassware and plumbing fixtures is caused by hard water. Hard water contains dissolved minerals in it, especially calcium and magnesium. Generally, hard water is not harmful to the body, but mineral deposits contribute to clogging pipes, appliances and can be a detriment to the heating process of boilers. Offering free in-home water testing, our technicians can test the mineral level of your water filtration system and offer solutions such as using a safe water solvent to counteract the effects of hard water.




Reverse Osmosis System….
What is Reverse Osmosis? Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process in which water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that removes 90-99% of tap water impurities. The result is water that is free of minerals and other contaminants.
Why a Reverse Osmosis System? Reverse osmosis filters are one of the most effective methods of purifying water. A reverse osmosis system can effectively remove all impurities and harmful contaminants from your faucet, giving you the cleanest water possible for your home and family.  At Lone Star Water Services, LLC, we specialize in the service and installation of reverse osmosis systems for your home. Once our team of professionals has installed your new filtration unit, you can immediately begin enjoying healthier, better tasting water. Call today to schedule an estimate or learn more.





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