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Water Softener Installed Pricing

Installed pricing includes- Clack Water Softener, Basic Installation, 1/4 turn brass water shut off valve (if needed), 1” stainless steel water flexlines, 1 1/2″ PVC p-trap drain w/ air gap (if needed), and (3) 40lb bags of Morton’s salt pellets. Our installations are done completely with Pex or Soldered Copper and Brass. Our installation has a full 5 yr warranty on all working parts and labor.

All Clack units listed below come standard with the following:  

-10 gpm water flow rate

– digital display

– battery back up

-separate salt storage tank

– bypass valve

 -5 yr full warranty on all working parts & labor   

 -10 yr warranty on the salt and resin tank if they leak







Option #1 – Clack W/S 1   $1,249.99                                         

-32,000 grain                          

– 1 cu. ft. resin bed


Option #2  – Clack WS 1.5     $1,499.99

– 48,000 grain

– 1.5 cu. ft. resin bed



Option #3 – Clack WS 2          $1,749.99

– 64,000 grain

– 2 cu. ft. resin bed


Iron/Sulfur  Breaker –  $ 999.99

21 gpm flow rate

Solution for water with high iron and sulfur content

Eliminates the need for chemical feed treatment systems

Stop iron stains from occurring

Enjoy clean, odor free water.







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