If you need to know about water softener installation cost, see below. Lone Star Water Services offers superior products and quality service. Our whole house water filtration systems will remove the water hardness and chlorine from the water in your entire house, providing you with great tasting soft water. We offer Clack Water Softeners and they are some of the best water softener systems available. Even though they are great, our cost to install your water purification systems is still very reasonable.


  • 5 yr full warranty on all working parts & labor
  • 10 yr warranty on the media tank if they leak
  • Free annual maintenance check ups for the first 5 Years
  • Free bag of salt pellets

Installation prices for our most commonly installed water softener systems. Prices include parts and labor.

LSWS 32k & 1cf Combo
$2,095.00 – Reg. $2,244.00
$1,199.00 (water softener only)

LSWS 48k & 1.5cf Combo
$2,345.00 – Reg. $2,569.00
$1,399.00 (water softener only)

LSWS 64k & 2cf Combo
$2,895.00 – Reg. $3,244.00
$1,799.00 (water softener only)

LSWS  Twin 48k 
$2,340.00 (water softener(s) only)

LSWS  Twin 64k 
$3,230.00 (water softener(s) only)

*Pricing is all inclusive for pre-plumbed “looped” or replacement installations.

Water Softener Installation Cost Factors

Water Softener Size

Different homes require different water softeners. It costs more to soften the water of a larger home than a smaller, one-bedroom apartment. Therefore, more often than not, the larger the home, the more you’re going to pay to install a water softener.

When it comes to size, some of the factors your local plumber will look at are:

  • How much water you use
  • Hardness of water
  • How many water fixtures you use

As the numbers go up, so too does your water softener price.

Condition of Water

Some water is harder than others. As you might expect, the harder your water, the higher your water softening cost will be. That’s because you’re going to require a more substancial system to soften the water.

If you’re connected to a city water supply, we can probably tell you the hardness of your water, since we’ve probably tested your neighbors. If your home has a well, we’ll need to test the hardness and iron content in your water.

Read more about our water softener systems here, or contact us today!

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